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Worshipping the Female Divinity in these days of horror

Navratras are going on right now. One of my most favorite festivities of the Hindu culture. Growing up, Navratri and Garba and Raas meant 4-5 hours of fun with family and friends. The more interested I became in getting to the essence of Hinduism, the more clearer it is becoming how awe-some everything we practice is. The first time I truly understood the meaning of Navratri, of Garba, of Raas, it transformed from fun to sheer devotion.  In my mind, every circle I make around Maataji’s picture or sculpture, I pray. It is worship and I try my level best to remind myself every single step I take and with every single clap.

Given the work I am doing lately, knowing my roots and my religion has become of paramount importance. So as I was giving a talk recently on a certain aspect of Hinduism, I paused. Suddenly, I felt like such a hypocrite and honestly, very ashamed.

Why do you ask? WHY?!?!

Because we are not deserving enough to worship something that’s as awesome as the Female aspect of Divinity.

There’s not a day that goes by that it doesn’t show up in the news that a female was raped in so-n-so city. Every Single Day. News of Rape Some Where. Every Single Day.

Rampant female foeticide, sheer disgust for just being born a girl is an every day thing in India. A girl in India is abused in SO many ways. Eve-teasing, Rape, Dowry, the pressure to be [and I quote a matrimonial ad] Slim and Fair.

Ugh!!!!! Need I go on?! These atrocities are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s evidence everywhere for these on the internet. As much proof as you want. Feel free to look it up.

So yeah, let’s just not kid ourselves. We are not fit as a culture right now to be worshiping the Female aspect of Divinity. Let’s just not do it until we clean up our acts and not be judgmental towards a girl. Until we can accept a girl for who she really is,until we can accept a girl for her abilities, her intelligence,  I am VERY SURE that the Goddesses are not pleased.

1 thought on “Worshipping the Female Divinity in these days of horror”

  1. The evil doers, the ignorant, the lowest persons who are attached to demonic nature, and whose intellect has been taken away by Maya do not worship or seek Me. (7.15)
    Four types of virtuous ones worship or seek Me, O Arjuna. They are: the distressed, the seeker of Self-knowledge, the seeker of wealth, and the wise one who knows the Supreme. (7.16)


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