Generally Speaking

The horror of being a woman in India…

Today is the day that the country that I consider to be the spiritual center of my world let its women die in the hands of idiocy,cowardly,heinous savages and demons.


India, you let me down BIG TIME. India, you took away my pride in being able to defend you in front of non-Indians. India, my head has hung low in shame, sheer embarrassment. India, you took away my pride in cheering for you on an international stage.

I no longer see a point in trying to explain to the people who run the country why it is imperative that a woman should be protected on every level, in every street of the country. Why? ‘Cos they’re thick-headed. They just DON’T GET IT!

My defenses used to come right out whenever someone said anything against India. Not anymore. Now, I will think and rethink a thousand times before saying something in India’s favor.

You know, while I write this, I erased a sentence. It was to say, “India and her people…” but I stopped. It says, India and HER people. It’s a female reference. Geez, I am afraid they are going to rape the country. No, wait, it’s already raped every day. Every single day.

I am sorry, India. I am so very sorry. I feel like I am grieving and mourning the death of my pride in my country of birth.

Today, I am in tears. I am crying so hard. Not only because, the Delhi Gang rape victim died, but also because I realized my sense of security in my country, my beloved country of birth died with it.

Today, I mourn. Yes, still and always, my motherland. I am sorry, Mother. I truly am sorry.

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