About Being Dharmic

My goal in creating this site is :-

To share my professional journey as I work as a chaplain of the Hindu faith

To share stories and reflections on how my profession [as a hospital chaplain] and my personal faith [as a life-long practicing Hindu] help me deal with daily life situations

Find ways to use Hindu Dharma and Hindu philosophy to deal with issues such as domestic violence, environmental issues, other areas of social justice such as gender equality, animal welfare, education, human rights and so on.

To highlight the process how I became a Board Certified Chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains

Disclaimer : All opinions/concerns/suggestions or anything else of the sort expressed here are my own and do not in any way or form represent other Hindus, the Hindu Dharma, people I know or will come to know, my current or future employer. I intend to give credit to outside sources as and when referenced on this site.


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