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Its the L thing… (II)

Yeah, here we go again! To think about it, there’s nothing in this life that at some point will not converge into one word. I can almost hear people sighing and/or rolling eyes just at the mention of it. Such is life. Such is… Continue Reading “Its the L thing… (II)”

Say what?

I’ve been told I tend to ramble a lot. I’ve also been told I talk too fast at times. It probably is true. I have never seen myself talking. So I guess I will believe what others tell me about that. Even though people… Continue Reading “Say what?”

To my four mothers…

Yes. To the four mothers. First, the biological mother or the adoptive mother (The Mata, Maa): the one who gives birth to you. She is the one who bring you in this world and looks after you until you no longer need her (or… Continue Reading “To my four mothers…”

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