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I have finally changed the title of my blog. It’s been ‘The Realm of a Shooting Star’ for a lot many years and somewhere along the path the whole theory behind having that title has changed as well. Like most people, my blog too… Continue Reading “Changes…”

Buddhapad (Buddha’s footsteps)

Tibet is a unique place. The serenity of the monasteries reflects throughout the entire land. The cement walls of the monastery are ornate with wooden carvings. The doors and windows are wooden and carved as well. All of the parts were surrounded by prayer… Continue Reading “Buddhapad (Buddha’s footsteps)”


A flurry of activity. I am a little dizzy. Is it due to not eating or a rush of excitement? Everyone knows what I should be doing, except for me. He is here. From the window, in a sea of sky blues dotted with… Continue Reading “Colors”

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