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What’s your personality type?

Every time there is something important to do, I think most of us find something else to do instead. I don’t know why it is so, but I’ve observed people doing that. I, myself, fall under this category. Procrastination…For example, ideally, right now I… Continue Reading “What’s your personality type?”

What does it mean to you?

I couldn’t help but notice that its Children’s Day in India. Yes, I realise its nothing new or exciting. I can’t recall doing anything special on this day. But suddenly I feel a strong sense of connection with this day as in what it… Continue Reading “What does it mean to you?”

Here I am…

Now with the official launch of this blog on Orkut, I am going to try to be a regular in my whinings here.To begin with, I don’t like this template. Actually, I’ll try and get a template that really reflects how I feel. So… Continue Reading “Here I am…”

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