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Amazing things they are. Words have the power to make or break a relationship. Sometimes there is a struggle to find the ‘right’ word to convey something. I’ve had times when I just wanted to splurge the other person with words, a lot of… Continue Reading “Words…words…”

N.R.I – Non-Respected Indian

Its the return of the NRI. Only this time, NRI stands for Non-Respected Indian. Its all over the news. Racism against residing Indians in Australia. Racism here. Riots there. NRIs, Non-Resident Indians, as they should correctly be called are becoming the scapegoat species. Back… Continue Reading “N.R.I – Non-Respected Indian”

Just because…

Ever thought of times when you are going through so much at the time and suddenly it all sorts itself out? It seems as if it was all of a sudden but later on comes a realization that it was a convergence of many… Continue Reading “Just because…”

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