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I am Nagar – II

As I had mentioned in my previous post, the principal deity of all Nagars is Lord Hatkeshwar. Every year Hatkeshwar Patotsav, also known as Ochchav, is celebrated by all Nagars. The Hatkeshwar Jayanti falls on the Chaudus (fourteenth) of the Chaitra month in the… Continue Reading “I am Nagar – II”

I am Nagar

I somehow tend to give out some kinda impression that I am south Indian. And when I clarify that I am Gujarati, I get “Oh so you’re a Patel, is it?”. So I have decided to explain who I am. This post is in… Continue Reading “I am Nagar”


Go with the Flow. I was one of those people who had a really hard time to go with the flow. I used to think that only dead fish go with the flow. I had forgotten that there is a reason that fishes swim… Continue Reading “Flow…”

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