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To Speak Or Not To Speak – Being a Minority – Generation 1.5

So, I was browsing through a news article online. One thing led to another and I ended up on YouTube, binge-watching A R Rahman songs. And of course, I ended up on Maa Tujhe Salaam. Now I cannot remember which particular link it was, but… Continue Reading “To Speak Or Not To Speak – Being a Minority – Generation 1.5”

Join us – A R Rahman Invitation

So anyone who knows me at all will know that I am a huge A R Rahman fan. It began with his music and the more he grew with music, the more I realized how certain things come together to guide us on our… Continue Reading “Join us – A R Rahman Invitation”

And the Oscar goes to…

A R RAHMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! The Man and his Music finally got the Oscars. The moment so many of us had been hoping for, dreaming about. A R Rahman created history by becoming first Indian to receive two oscars : One for Best Original Song… Continue Reading “And the Oscar goes to…”

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