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Shivji, Are You Listening? – Signs From The Universe

There are times in life when things do not make sense. For a person of faith, it feels as if it’s a test of one’s faith. The horror of it might set in when one realizes that one just might not have enough faith… Continue Reading “Shivji, Are You Listening? – Signs From The Universe”

Of SuperMoon and Super Stars

I just cannot get around to blogging regularly. And that’s just not because I am lazy (which I’m not, for the record!) but sometimes I really do think who will be willing to hear my rant. Anyway, with summer approaching and the weather getting… Continue Reading “Of SuperMoon and Super Stars”

Leap…Leap…Leap Day!!

It’s Leap Day 2012. I figured I absolutely have to post something on this day. February 29, 2012. No particular reason to do so but just ‘cos… Just want to wrap this post up with a few words of wisdom from Eckhart Tolle: “Time… Continue Reading “Leap…Leap…Leap Day!!”

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