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Let’s Talk – Organ Donation

One of the most gratifying aspects of hospital chaplaincy is being able to witness how families come together in support of their loved one's wishes - even if it means going against what they would have wanted for their loved one. Organ donation is a major, albeit sensitive, topic in a hospital setting. Generally, it… Continue reading Let’s Talk – Organ Donation

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My very first Hindu Memorial Service

In the field of hospital chaplaincy, one of the best aspects (among many) is that opportunities are presented continually that challenge the chaplain to go above and beyond the type of care he or she can provide to the patient, family and hospital staff. Also, in hospital chaplaincy, you meet people with a whole spectrum… Continue reading My very first Hindu Memorial Service

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Being Hindu – The Journey To Finding A Place To Study Hinduism

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I work as a chaplain in a healthcare setting. Just as many other professions that fall under the healthcare category, there is a process of becoming Board Certified for a Chaplain. Depending on your faith, there are a few professional organizations through which one can become certified. If… Continue reading Being Hindu – The Journey To Finding A Place To Study Hinduism