Chaplaincy, Hindu Chaplaincy

Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference

I know I was supposed to update this blog yesterday, but I'm so ill. If anyone has been following my twitter to the right of this post, you would know that I was away to attend Hindu Mandir Executives' Conference. This was my first chance to pitch for Hindu Chaplaincy to the Hindu Mandir (temple)… Continue reading Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference

Chaplaincy, Hindu Chaplaincy

Miracles Happen!

These were the words that crossed my mind when I walked out from my very first Clinical Pastoral Education training class. Cliched much? I know. But still a fact. Chaplaincy is a miracle in my life. Background story time. And this is one story I love telling over n' over again. Okay here's what happened.… Continue reading Miracles Happen!