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Worshipping the Female Divinity in these days of horror

Navratras are going on right now. One of my most favorite festivities of the Hindu culture. Growing up, Navratri and Garba and Raas meant 4-5 hours of fun with family and friends. The more interested I became in getting to the essence of Hinduism,… Continue Reading “Worshipping the Female Divinity in these days of horror”

Ekam Sat…The Truth Is One

“Ekam Sat, Viprah Bahudha Vadanti” : The Truth is One; the wise call It by various names. ~ Rig Veda This sets the theme of the journey that life has brought my way. Or maybe in some way, I am destined to be walking… Continue Reading “Ekam Sat…The Truth Is One”

The Roar of the Ganges…

The Roar of the Ganges… These words have been stuck in my head ever since I’ve heard them. It feels like a call to awaken my self. To take that next step. To get a break through. I know I have taken forever to… Continue Reading “The Roar of the Ganges…”

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