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A flurry of activity. I am a little dizzy. Is it due to not eating or a rush of excitement? Everyone knows what I should be doing, except for me. He is here. From the window, in a sea of sky blues dotted with… Continue Reading “Colors”

N.R.I – Non-Respected Indian

Its the return of the NRI. Only this time, NRI stands for Non-Respected Indian. Its all over the news. Racism against residing Indians in Australia. Racism here. Riots there. NRIs, Non-Resident Indians, as they should correctly be called are becoming the scapegoat species. Back… Continue Reading “N.R.I – Non-Respected Indian”

To my four mothers…

Yes. To the four mothers. First, the biological mother or the adoptive mother (The Mata, Maa): the one who gives birth to you. She is the one who bring you in this world and looks after you until you no longer need her (or… Continue Reading “To my four mothers…”

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