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Merry Christmas!

With so many atrocities going on around the world, it’s difficult to remain unaffected. There’s only so much one can avoid listening to the news or reading something on the internet that will not refer somehow to the ongoing events around the world. The… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas!”

To my four mothers…

Yes. To the four mothers. First, the biological mother or the adoptive mother (The Mata, Maa): the one who gives birth to you. She is the one who bring you in this world and looks after you until you no longer need her (or… Continue Reading “To my four mothers…”

Cricket’s darkest day

That is the headline of the Herald Sun. In what comes across as an attack on the world of Sports, media from all over the world are coming out with gory details of another terror attack. My hands were shaking as I was trying… Continue Reading “Cricket’s darkest day”

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