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Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, A R Rahman!!!! Wishing you all the success and everything great coming your way, now and always.

There’s nothing I can say that will be enough to express how much this man and his music mean to me. Reminiscing the years ever since A R Rahman surfaced in the music industry, I realise a lot of my memorable days have an ARR song associated with it. It’s been an incredible co-incidence.

When it comes to ARR, it’s not just the music. He’s an amazing person as well. Not that I know him personally, but all that I hear and read about him makes my respect for him grow everyday. He’s humility personified. He’s never one to say ‘I am number one’ or ‘I am the best’, which he so obviously is. He is one of the very few celebrities who use their fame for the right causes. Here are some examples :

Millenium Campaign :

Let’s make it better:

“If a music artiste wants to blossom into a full-fledged person, it’s not enough if he knows only classical music; nor it’s enough if he’s well-versed only in raagaas and techniques. Instead, he should be a knowledgeable person interested in life and philosophy. In his personal life there should be, atleast in some corner of his heart, a tinge of lingering sorrow.” — A.R.Rahman


1 thought on “Happy Birthday!!!!!!”

  1. heyy shama as far as my memory goes u have been the most ardent and consistent fan of the phenomena…and yes.here’s wishing him the very best of years ahead and more so for being the prolific singer and even more for being him…he stands out for being the class that he is without even publicising himself… Muuah 😀


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