Just Saying

Another year gone…

My mornings a few years ago…
The first sounds of dawn were live chants and prayers from the temple near by. Then there was a bicycle ring…the newspaper boy was here…And just when one was to step out on the porch, one was greeted by the chirping of the birds in the bouganvillea veins in the front yard and the sweet scent of jui (a variety of jasmine) flowers whose veins were like veils to the windows of my room.

My mornings now…
The first sound of dawn is the alarm clock of my cell phone. The live chants have now been replaced by a c.d played manually when I wake up. That’s it. The day has begun.

There are so many things I didn’t think I’d ever miss. Be it walking to school or the regular trips to the market to get fresh veggies. I miss that. What I miss the most is my evenings spent sitting on the porch…surrounded by friends…looking out to the main road. Sometimes the nights spent doing the same…in solitude…just simply watching the vehicles and people pass by… There was such a time…

There are a lot of times I wish to go back to those times. Though far from reality, I still sometimes go back to that time in my mind…the memory is still very fresh. It may be out of sight, but it is definitely not out of mind. I can still realize that distinct smell when I deeply think about it. And it gives me a serene feeling which I can’t really explain in words. Sounds freaky, doesn’t it? Maybe it is. But to me, that is my refuge.

Even though, I know that there is a very little chance that I’ll ever have those days back…I know for sure there is nothing that can take away those memories from me. Nor can anything replace my days spent in a time which now seems like utter ecstasy. I also know that the feeling I get around this time of year…will pretty much always remain. I will always miss that time.

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From the television show The Wonder Years


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