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Whhoooooossssssssh…another trip around the sun…

It strikes midnight. The phone rings. The person on the other end says in a very enthusiastic voice : Heyyyyy!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

That’s when it all begins. You want to pretend a lot that it does not matter that it is your birthday. But you still secretly hope that the phone would ring at midnight. You wake up that morning, once again maybe answering a phone call or just a text message, but some sort of tune that would remind you again that it is your birthday. You want to treat it as just another day, but in your heart you know it is not. You’ve just turned another year older. A day celebrated in a variety of ways just to mark your passing in the realm of space and time.

It has been exactly that and probably a little more for me. Birthdays are funny things. It’s bitter sweet after a certain age. After one crosses the big 20 hill, everything just seems and feels pretty much the same even though the number keeps increasing every year.

Anyway…this birthday has been unique in many ways. For a start, it is the first birthday when I am living independently. And also, this time was the first time I ever had a party that lasted 15 hours. Oh yes!! 15 hours, baybeh!!How so, you may ask? Well, here’s a li’l rundown on the party.

All I knew about the party was that it was being held at my place and that it was going to have the people I am close to. That is ALL I knew about it. I didn’t know what time people were going to show neither did I know what was planned for the party. I was told that I was going to help a friend make dinner for all of us. Sounds cool, right? It was.

At around 6:30 p.m, I began getting anxious as to where everyone was. I hadn’t received a single phone call nor had anyone confirmed anything with me. I was beginning to wonder whether people were going to show up that night for the party. But then it was all good when Sam showed up to make dinner. And then by 8 p.m, everyone had arrived. So that was a breather. Got ready and things were already rolling. After a lot of craziness, we all settled to play dumb charades. Man, was that hilarious! The cake-cutting ceremony was around 11:30 pm and then it was other activities like talking and chilling and teasing and what not. The guys sang a song for me. Guess which one? The one from Chocolate…

kehte hain sabhi ke badi hot hu main
tell you what tequila ka ek shot hu main
magar khayal yeh rahe zara
mummy ko nahi hain pata
so mummy se na kehna

I don’t know what made them sing that song!!
Things went on very smoothly and it was incredible how comfortable everyone was.
Anyway, most people left around 3 am and then we all settled down to
chit-chat. After that we all changed and started uploading pictures and had a bit of fun with that.
I shall skip the details of the whole what did we do every hour. Cos I guess
that’s what pictures are for. And well, I’ve taken lots of ‘em. Mostly on
camera…though some have left permanent imprints on the mind. One by one, people started falling asleep. The last wicket to fall was at 7 a.m. The only ones up through out the night was Sam and I. We decided to make ourselves some tea around 8 a.m. Just then everyone started
waking up and then followed another brand new round of talks. This time
around topics were on a more serious level. Everyone left around 10 am and
that officially marked the end of the party. Overall, had a brilliant time with everyone.

The feeling I am now getting, the kinda vibes that I receive can be wrapped up in one word: ADORED.
Gotta go…the phone’s ringing again… 🙂

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. ~Larry Lorenzoni


5 thoughts on “Whhoooooossssssssh…another trip around the sun…”

  1. hehehe….someone had an awesome day… see u get wat u deserve…. and this is the beginning of a new year for u..so its already a good start *knock on wood*….. am happy that u’re happy…. =)


  2. makes one wish that one were at the party…..good to know u had such a good time…hope i do sometime:)….


  3. makes one wish that one were at the party…..good to know u had such a good time…hope i do sometime:)….


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