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This is something I wrote a year ago…

Firstly, do not mind all the things that I am about to say. Bear in mind that what I am writing is based on real-life experiences. They are a combination of personal and also lives of other females in my life from both India and here.
Its the 21st century. Every person is an individual and has all the rights listed under the Human Rights section by the UN. Enter woman. The immediate effect: Disappearance of individuality. Human Rights do not exist for this species. She is in this world for only one reason: To boost the fricking male ego. Sounds extreme? I really don’t think so.

Case One: A female walking down a street : Every other male passerby believes its his birthright to say something about her. It does not matter that she’s a complete stranger. It could be anything. Sleazy, foul, disgusting. But apparently, they believe its their right to do so.
Case Two: A female in a public transit or any crowded public place : She has to be so careful with every move she makes. She has to watch who she’s surrounded and who’s doing what around her. Reason: To save herself from being fondled, assaulted or touched in the wrong places.
Case Three: A female with some other male acquaintances: God save her if she’s even a bit overweight. The males around her (most of them) make sure they take up every opportunity to point out to her that she’s overweight.

I could go on writing a lot of details about these cases and I am pretty sure to find thousands more if I look for it. I am not exaggerating. The scale for the above stated cases varies, but they are never too small to ignore. Now keeping the cases in mind, the consequences are worse. These consequences are in random order and anyone can have either or all of these:
Consequence One: Depression, Fright
Consequence Two: Insecurity, Scare,
Consequence Three: Anorexia, Bulimia, Low to zero self-confidence, Inferiority complex.

To the Men: Yes, they get all defensive when they’re faced with questions about these behaviours. Yes, its true that not everyone of them falls under this category. Yes, its true that sometimes they are victims of such things themselves. But the fact is that these things happen to women more than they do to men. Not speaking statistically, just logically, there is atleast 80% more chances of a woman getting raped than a man. Its all statistical if you want to think about it. But these are not mere numbers talking. There’s a lot more to the numbers than just pattern. It speaks volumes about behaviour of men towards women, be it someone they know or just plain stranger.

Its 21st century, we are still not considered equal. Bring up the equality, the men question our physical ability. I say, is there all there’s to equality? What about the time when a woman goes through menstrual pain? What about the time when a woman carries a baby for 9 months and then gives birth to a new life? Will men ever be able to do that? Why is it so hard to make people (men and women) understand that being equal means treated with equal respect, honour and dignity in the society?

I do not wish to be branded as a feminist. Because I am not one. I am just trying to put forward some thoughts that crossed my mind while talking about some experiences with a gal friend. And the more I think about it, the more I realise that it’s still a long way to go before The Woman will be completely accepted with all her honour and dignity.

Happy Woman’s Day. (What a world we’re living in! Ironic, innit?)

Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult. ~Charlotte Whitton


3 thoughts on “Woman…”

  1. amen to that dear!!! You are so right! But HOW? how can more women in this world think like you and me do and be proactive about it?


  2. Half of this is because there are very few women out there who want to do something about this issue, most are aware of it, but they choose to ignore it and live on. Moreover, The once(women) that are aware about this unfairness to women, take advantage of it to manipulate social and legal system. This in turn becomes discrimination against men. Think about it, if all women want is equal treatment, then why cant men use the request stop service from TTC? there are many other examples like these. Main point, all these issues matter to common public but are not addressed and portrayed in proper manner. Insted, they are used as tools to manipulate people and their belief, thus creating wrong gender stereotypes. just my opinion…


  3. Really impressed wid ur thoughts n ur arguments, n I admit most of the cases are the same as u penned down in d blog, but i strongly agree with wat akash said!! it’s always not the men who r guilty… there are tons of times tat men overpower but tens of times when women also do the same! wat I mean is not to state diplomatic but it’s pretty like, every coin has two sides..But thanks to u to realize something I was lacking in!! I’d rather think twice before I do the same next time :), (which i don’t think i’ve done even)


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