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The day to just ‘be’…

No matter how much humans would like to think that they are oh-so-superior than any of the living species around, they still HAVE to admit how much they are controlled by nature. And the finest example of such control is the change in one’s temperament when the weather changes. Most of us have had experiences when we may feel completely dull when its snowing or raining heavily outside, when the skies are grey, we feel grey too. But then when the sun is out and its bright outside, all of a sudden we’re super active and sunny just as the day.

I went through a similar phase. The bitter cold weather has finally let up to some milder weather. Yesterday, it was bright and sunny and HOT…that too in the middle of march. As expected, everyone was out on the streets. The summer hangout places were buzzing with people and there was no place to park in downtown. Everyone loves such weather. I too went out, drove around with the windows down in what seems like ages. Even today, though it was kinda grey outside, I decided to go down for a little walk in the evening. I needed a time out and the weather was being kind.

I decided to walk down the famous riverfront. With my mp3 player on and the songs playing in random order, I decided to just BE with my thoughts. Anything and everything that came to my mind during the walk was paid full attention to. I stepped out of the house and I could feel the difference in the air. I was sure it was going to rain tonight.

The thought of getting wet in the rain crossed my mind. So did the memory of a little conversation with someone when I had mentioned to the person that when we’re together next time and it rains, we go on a long drive without any particular destination to get to. With that fleeting thought, I turned on my player, and the first song that played was ‘Tu bin bataaye’ from Rang De Basanti. My heart felt a nudge and suddenly I wished I was not alone. That feeling soon gave away to the thoughts of sweet memories. As I walked on, I found myself walking along on a bike trail. I looked around and I realised that I was at a certain spot in the park where I had not been before. I looked up and saw the international border crossing. I looked across from the river and I saw a whole another country.

That brought up thoughts of the confusing complicated situation I am in these days. Don’t know exactly which country I will end up in. As I pondered what place I am at right now and what place I may go, the song changed to ‘Is mode se jaate hain’ from Aandhi. I was a little taken aback as to how symbolic the song was and how it was perfect at the moment, given the thoughts going through my mind. As I listened to the song and walked along, I realised that it had started drizzling. I guess it was time I turned back. Cutting my walk short, I made my way home. The song was coming to an end and I was nowhere near home. There was a silence of few seconds before the next song started. In those few seconds, I heard a lot of birds chirping. I looked up to see a whole flock of birds fly by. Before I could decide whether I should walk or jog my way back, it started raining. Literally pouring. The song changed and up came another song…‘Ghanan ghanan’ from Lagaan. I decided to just walk in the rain. Looked up at the pouring skies, felt the raindrops on my face…even tried to catch some in my hands. It didn’t matter who was looking. It was just what I needed, I think. The song was apt and the rain felt good. Though it was a sheer coincidence that the songs that played were so apt for my thoughts, I could not help but smile to myself over how glad it made me feel inside. All of a sudden, life looks less complicated.

“Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.” ~ Author Unknown


4 thoughts on “The day to just ‘be’…”

  1. u reminded me our walks at the riverside…its a mast place man..i missh it 😦 and ya Rahman rocks! is that kai pan for u :P:P


  2. “Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.” beutiful quote indeed. Its a sad one also though considering the fact that the sun and rain rarely show up same time. Does that mean Lifes gotta wait for its colors to appear! I’d rather use a prism and some white halogen to make the rainbow man:D


  3. Then you should rather live in a bio-dome where everything is artificial, just like the rainbow u created.. (To kshitij)


  4. Man Akash, take it easy.i was not tryin to be this serious..lol.when I will need to make that prismatic rainbow, i shall create the biodome as well! you will be cordially invited too;) my point was that life is what you make of it. Its more like painting the colors of the rainbow yourself. There is more than one way to keep life colorful. Shama gave one example I gave another, a funny one though:P Life is short and i shall do wtever to keep it vibrant!


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