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Aa bhi jaa…

There has to be something about music that is ethereal. Something so brilliantly majestic that it can transport one to this surreal, fantastic world comprising of nothing but your very own thoughts and feelings. Some place where everything you feel takes a shape…no wait…everything you feel makes a musical note…And lo!! There you have it…your very own song.

Well, this is how I feel. The only difference is that it really is not possible that one’s feelings could make a ‘real’ song, unless one happens to be a singer or a composer. But then again, the good part is…you don’t really have to be either a singer or a composer to be able to relate to songs that would reflect one’s thoughts and feelings.

I always tend to ask people what their favourite song is…and what I’ve noticed is that most people tend to name a song that has an underlying sad emotion. Why is it so? I don’t have an answer to that, though I would like to know.

I, too, have a lot of songs that I just cannot stop listening to. And they constantly keep playing in the back of my mind. You’re very likely to catch me singing or humming verses from those songs. And guess what? I realise that those songs too have an underlying sad emotion. Does that reflect how I am feeling? At this point in time, YES! But these are definitely songs that I know I’ll be listening to a long long time to come, irrespective of the fact as to how I feel.

Tere Bina from Guru – Talk about going weak in the knees!!!!!! This song brings feelings that I never knew could exist. Love this song so so much. Oh humdum, bin tere kya jeena!!!!!!!!!!

Tere Bina.mp3

Tere Bin from Bas Ek Pal – Sung so brilliantly well. It’s just awesome. So addictive…

Atif Aslam – Tere …

Tere Bina Zindagi Se from Aandhi – Words fail me to express how I feel towards this song. Moreover, how this song makes me feel. Talk about love. Talk about heartache. Hear it all. Feel it all. The essence of it all : Come back to me…cos that’s where you belong.

Tere Bina Zindagi Se…

Tere bina beswaadi beswaadi ratiyaan, oh sajna
Rookhi re oh rookhi re, kaatore kaate katena
Dum dara dum dara mast mast dara
Dum dara dum dum
Oh humdum bin tere kyaa jeena ~ Tere Bina, Guru – Lyrics : Gulzar


2 thoughts on “Aa bhi jaa…”

  1. wow this looks like something I would write too! ditto your sentiments on songs and music!I cannot pick out one favourite there are sooo many!


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