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Tag Time

So I’ve been tagged by Kaush. I tell ya, she’s sneaky!! We expected some juicy details on her blog but instead she posts some tag. Well, since we’re not spoil-sports like her, I am going to take the tag. So here goes…

4 Jobs I’ve Had (not in any particular order)

~ Private Tutor
~ Tour guide/Hands-on-exhibit ‘researcher’
~ A shrink (an unofficial one of course)
~ Child day-care staff

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

~ Swades (for a multitude of reasons)
~ Flavors (cos it’s a cute movie)
~ Bend it like Beckham (cos…well…)
~ The Truman Show (just for Jim Carrey)

4 Places I’ve Lived (again not in any order)

~ Ahmedabad, India
~ Navsari, India
~ Toronto, Canada
~ Windsor, Canada

4 TV Shows I Like
~ Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
~ F.R.I.E.N.D.S
~ Everybody loves Raymond
~ Jeopardy

4 Favorite Foods
~ Subway sandwiches
~ Fruit Salad
~ Paayasam
~ Any type of fruit

4 Places I’d Rather Be
(This is not a rather be at list…but somewhere I wish to go some day in this lifetime)
~ United Kingdom
~ A seven day spiritual retreat by the Himalayas in India with Eckhart Tolle
~ South Africa
~ Tibet

4 People I’m Tagging

~ Ricky
~ Nidhi
~ Prasad
~ Mansi

No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place. ~ Zen


4 thoughts on “Tag Time”

  1. @ ricky: thank you…im a ‘deep’ person you knw :d@ anon : i know who you are…lolz…thanks…next time you can atleast write your name…@ Kaush: paayasam is like sev no dudhpaak…kinda like sevaiyaan but south Indian version…shud try it…its absolutely phenom…


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