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A night of fireworks…

I had been wanting to write up a post about a couple of things that happened in the recent past. But somehow, when I sit down to type and write, the words just do not seem to flow. Maybe the time is not right. Maybe it is. Who knows?

Either way, tonight was the big summer night for Windsorites-Detroiters. The annual fireworks celebrating both Canada Day (1st July) and 4th of July. I’ve been a regular at these fireworks but this year was different. I watched the fireworks on the television. It was definitely not the same as being there in person. That too with all the craziness that I’ve experienced during these nights earlier.

I could write more. But I guess the most important feeling that I need to express is that how much I miss the friends I made in Windsor. So here’s to June, Sam, Sahil and others : If you guys ever read this, do know that I miss you guys a lot. Life has chosen different paths for us but do know that you’re always in my thoughts. I look forward to seeing you all real soon.

Can miles truly separate you from friends…. If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there? ~Richard Bach


3 thoughts on “A night of fireworks…”

  1. Got each n every word of this post but one thing still pulls my hands to scratch mah head which is neither the 4th July nor even the 1st July still has come n how come you miss this moment? especially that TV show?? Could not digest the blunder…. lolzzzz


  2. @ Anon: Well ,the fireworks happens on 4-5 days before either July 1 or July 4. That’s how it is every year. So yeah, the night I did the post was fireworks night. I am always in Windsor on this night, but this was my first time when I Was not…and had to watch it on t.v…get it now?


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