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Summer night…

Thunderstorms have been so much a part of this summer already. There is not one week that passes by without us having to go through a severe thunderstorm.

Just as I type this, I can hear the thunder and flashes of lighting sneak through the blinds of my bedroom window.

I like the entire setup. I know it can be really damaging but there’s something so unique in the air before a thunderstorm arrives. If you pay close attention, you can almost predict as to when exactly it will start raining.

Anyway, the point is that earlier I was just on the porch (like always) and the night was cloudy. The movement of the clouds by the winds made way for some clearing every now and then. Even with the clouds and the light pollution, some stars came out for a bit to say hello. Nearing a new moon day, it is always a treat to get a glimpse of stars without the bright moon almost gulping down the star light.

The air was humid but was on the cooler side. The fireflies flashed by sometimes too.
I just sat there trying to just be. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was a text message from a friend. The message said, “You know what, its raining here. Its so romantic.”

The words brought a big grin on my face. Romance. Nice word. He was correct too. Almost everyone tends to relate rains or a starry night sky to romance. The reason as to how this connection came into being eludes me. But what I do know is the thoughts that came into my mind after reading the text.

Romance. It touches a chord somewhere within. Romance. The people that it reminds me of. Romance. What this moment on the porch holds. Romance.

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance.” ~ Bern Williams


4 thoughts on “Summer night…”

  1. Kinda filmy eh?? Girl!! BTW who’s dat HE FRIEND?? Jus Kiddin.. But the sentence “But what I do know is the thoughts that came into my mind after reading the text” directs towards something.. Waitin for d outcome very soon.. ROMANCE.. Every single person who’s been thro’ this moment must be knowing what u’d b goin thro’ at the time of grinning…


  2. Barish ki boodein, nam hai ehsaasBoondon ki sargam, ajab si mithaasDharti ki khushboo, dil ko de rahatKhushboo aur yadein, uksaaye chahatPawan ki shitalta, aghosh-e-saawan Boondon ki cheetein, shararat-e-bachpanAise mein kaise na kho jaye tum humJab barish khud keheti, aaya mohabbat ka mausam.


  3. wow! what a post. Romance indeed! Okay so I will share some Kaush gyaan. Here is my theory on why rains are considered to be romantic. I figured in the olden times when it rained, all work would come to a halt and Mr. Smith would go in and take cover in a barn or something joined by Mrs. Smith or Mr and Mrs Jones would cuddle together under a small raincoat and that would make it all romantic. Thats why rain maybe considered romantic. what say? And yes this summer has been full of thunderstorms and some BIG ones at that. Saw your scrap on orkut. Replied to it too 🙂


  4. @ Anon: Well yeah, Romance reminds me of more than my personal stuff…it also reminds me of stories of people close to me…Kinda like a reassurance of types…@ Sam : the reply to this in my next post…@ Kaush : haha nice try kaush…still that story isn’t romantic enough…there must be more to romance than just that, eh?


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