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Dil kya kare…

Here I am! Once again!! Well, okay…the past couple of weeks have been totally crazy. Packed with work, guests, family and of course, a super fun road trip.

The excitement and the thrill has now worn off and I am back to my normal mood (with a touch of craziness, by default!)

I was supposed to do this post a long time ago but I just was not done with the material for which this post is intended.

You know when you have those times when you are talking to someone and the conversation is going perfectly fine. Suddenly, there’s this one topic that pops up in the conversation adding a completely new, deeper dimension to it.

One such conversation resulted in this post. I like to write (which is obvious since I’ve been blogging for years now!) It’s mostly thoughts, opinions, and narrations. But I have also tried my hand at creative writing like poems. Though I’ve always kept low on making my poems public, a comment on my previous post by Sam has sparked off a new interest. My poems are in English. But this time, once again courtesy Sam, I’ve tried my hand at writing in Hindi.

I usually reply to all my comments but his poem in my previous post was so good that I didn’t think it was fair for me to write a couple of lines about it. So I thought what better way to appreciate his work then let it be a source of inspiration for me.

So here’s Sam‘s work:

Barish ki boodein, nam hai ehsaas
Boondon ki sargam, ajab si mithaas
Dharti ki khushboo, dil ko de rahat
Khushboo aur yadein, uksaaye chahat
Pawan ki shitalta, aghosh-e-saawan
Boondon ki cheetein, shararat-e-bachpan
Aise mein kaise na kho jaye tum hum
Jab barish khud keheti, aaya mohabbat ka mausam.

And here is my reply. Do not have high hopes. I found it extremely hard to start off. I didn’t know where to start or what content to include. Finally, just decided to use the last word of Sam’s poem and write a poem with that word as a starting point. So the poem starts with the word ‘mausam’. Its kinda mushy, but hey, still my first ever poem in Hindi:

Mausam ka ek anokha rang hai saawan,
Jiski har ek aahat mein lagta hai jeevan paawan;

Jab jab ek boond bhi giri mere haathon pe,
Tab tab laga ki shaayad yahi iqraar hai;

Kaafi kahaaniyan sunaate hai log saawan mein miley pyaar ki,
Lekin kahin nahi mili uss mein nazaakat hamaare izhaar ki;

Lagta hai kabhi inhi boondon mein hamari saari kahaani hai,
Aur kabhi lagta hai yeh baarish to kaafi chhoti nishaani hai;

Jo dil se iss rimjhim ko sunenge woh samajh jaayenge,
Har pyaar khud mein ek poori zindagaani hai…

So here it is. Finally. I would love to get some feedback. As of right now, Cheerios!!!!

Mathematics and Poetry are… the utterance of the same power of imagination, only that in the one case it is addressed to the head, in the other, to the heart. ~Thomas Hill


1 thought on “Dil kya kare…”

  1. i was forced to comment for this post… so finally writing something. 😛 well poems often reflects someone’s feelings. Like it is said, love gives birth to a poet. So yeah shama is finally turning into a nice poet.. Which points towards something guys… Be prepared folks… Some surprise is about to come… LOLZ… I know shama u’ll feel like killing me right now.. Ha Ha waiting for ur reply.. And yeah i’ll keep mah cellphone charged to it’s fullest ..


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