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One more post regarding the terror attacks. The number of people raising their voices against terror is increasing now, more than ever before. What is the point? As long as we have a super corrupt government and good-for-nothing government employees, it is still going to be an uphill task to put up some major security measures.

I am truly sick of all the politics that is being played around these terror attacks. It is big deal. Even one innocent life lost is a big deal. Even one death is one too many. For some crazy reason, people hungry for power and money just do not seem to realise that.

One of the other things that seems to in the news a lot lately is the problem regarding putting to rest the bodies of the nine terrorists. No one in India wants to bury them. Our neighbouring country will not accept the bodies. Some newspapers even suggest that they should thrown into the sea or left in a dumpster. I say no. Why pollute the seas? I suggest they should take the bodies and cremate them in one of those automatic electronic crematorium or something. I realise they’re all muslim and all, but if no one is going to put them to rest, what else is left to do?

I hope all the people around the world realise how pointless all this is. These people killed so many innocent people in the belief that they were doing something so great. Now that they’re killed, their own people will not come forward to even lay them to rest. I hope people see how extremely sad this is.

After all the craziness a person spends his or her life, death brings a halt to it all. And all the things that seemed supremely important, important enough to hurt other people for, is reduced to a dash barely an inch long on one’s tombstone.

And they die an equal death – the idler and the man of mighty deeds. ~Homer, Iliad


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