Just Saying

And the Oscar goes to…

A R RAHMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! The Man and his Music finally got the Oscars. The moment so many of us had been hoping for, dreaming about. A R Rahman created history by becoming first Indian to receive two oscars : One for Best Original Song for Slumdog Millionaire and the second for Best Original Song – Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire.

It was a moment of great pride. As soon as his name was announced, tears welled up. I couldn’t stop them. It was an amazing thing that was realising in front of my eyes (well, on the t.v screen really).

Okay, in all honesty, there was no doubt about ARR’s calibre. We, fans, know what he’s capable of doing and we didn’t need the Oscars to prove anything to us. But there were others who constantly doubted his talent. Finally, I won’t have to argue with anyone anymore.

I am sure he would not want us arguing with anyone for him but sometimes I feel the need to back up my choices. He’s incredible and a brilliant human being.

So here’s three cheers for A R Rahman : Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!!!

What better way to end this post, but in A R Rahman’s own words:

“All my life I’ve had a choice of hate and love. I chose love. And I’m here. God bless.”
~ A R Rahman accepting the Oscar for Best Song


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