Just Saying

Luck by chance

Certain things happen. Just like that. Totally randomly. And then there are things for which no amount of planning can produce results. Like a certain trip that’s in the plans for weeks, months or even years, but something or the other pops up and results in the cancellation of the trip.

One such trip we had been planning for the longest time, it just didn’t seem to work out. This past saturday, our plans lined up with the plans of the Universe and we were able to visit the temple we’ve been wanting to visit since ages. Everything unfolded correctly that time. We reached there in time for the puja. For the first time, after leaving India, it felt as if we’re really at a mandir (temple). The vibes resonated with the vibes that are felt when visiting a temple in India. It was just so relaxing. Just being there and listening to the chantings made all the stress and fatigue wear away.

Totally rejuvenated with the visit to the mandir, I was looking forward to my trip with volunteers for C.R.Y to a local university. We were to give a presentation at the Indian Cultural show they had organised. We hoped to recruit some volunteers as well. That went extremely well. We were very well received by the hosts and the audience too responded with interest in our cause. [More details on this in a later post]

While we were there, we had people come up to us with questions and suggestions to help us reach greater number of audience to spread awareness for Child Rights. We also had quite a few students from the university sign up for volunteering with us. Talking to some of them initially, I was amazed as how either someone turned out to be from the same city as me in India or even how we have some mutual friends.

All the activities of the day had left me feeling a lot of gratitude towards life. As if that was not enough, on my drive back that night, I just saw a shooting star. Just like that. It was quite an eyeful event. There it was. A Shooting Star.

The sunday was a day of total relaxation : had a hearty Gujarati meal, watched a movie and got enough sleep. Even a day like this is worth a lot of gratitude.

“I can’t control my destiny, I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be. There’s only now, there’s only here. Give in to love or live in fear. No other path, no other way. No day but today.” ~ Johnathan Larson


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