Just Saying


I have finally changed the title of my blog. It’s been ‘The Realm of a Shooting Star’ for a lot many years and somewhere along the path the whole theory behind having that title has changed as well.

Like most people, my blog too reflects what goes on in my life. The templates. The posts. The feelings. All this while, a new dimension had been emerging which I had not recognized before. But when there is something that needs to come out through you, it finds a way.

And it did. My life has changed completely from what it was before. It’s not a recent change but I just decided to write about it now.

The spiritual dimension in my life has gotten deeper and is getting deeper with every passing moment. That does not mean that there’s no friction. There is but I am letting positivity take over.

Thus, the blog has been re-titled “Life is made of Li’l Peaces”. I read this title on this site many years ago and have it on my mind ever since.

So yeah, remember this daily. Try it. I am.

If peace is really what you want, then you will choose peace. ~ Eckhart Tolle


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