Generally Speaking


So it’s been oh-so-long since I’ve updated this blog, easily over a year now. Anyway,the writer (or should I say whiner?) in me has woken again and I am back to blogging now. I can’t say for how long though.

So what’s changed? Oh, where to begin? Life’s so different now. And I believe its a good thing. I would love to claim that I’ve grown a lot as a person but I will let other people judge that.

There’s new loves in my life:Nail art, Make-up, Funky Wall Decor,Health Care related issues to name a few. The loves that haven’t changed are:Reading,Star-gazing and of course, talking!

I will definitely be updating (at least I plan to) this blog more regularly.

Just some food for thought:

The impossible is often the untried. ~Jim Goodwin


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