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Thank you for sharing…

Chaplaincy has made me more resilient than I used to be – that’s what I think. I used to tear up easily but now, not so much. This should not be misunderstood as if I have become insensitive. I think it is the opposite. I am continually learning to be more present, more attentive, more aware of the feelings (said and unsaid) of those I serve and of course, those who I spend time with. I think it is also because I have learned to find comfort and strength in most cases.

I have tried to keep my thoughts to myself regarding everything around the world. I did not realize how much I was holding in until after the interfaith vigil I attended tonight in honor of those who were murdered by those who hate intentionally. We were walking out of the synagogue when one of the congregants stopped us and said, “Thank you for sharing the burden.”

I could feel my eyes well up with tears and all I could muster to say was, “of course.”

That is ALL I could say. Tears started flowing as we walked to the car. I did not realize how heavy my heart felt. Grief is Grief is Grief.

I am taking this time to thank everyone who has ever listened to me, showed up for me and continues to support me. I also want to thank everyone who goes out of their way to be there for others – no matter who the other is.

Thank you for sharing the burden.

For those who still cannot make up their mind : Show up or Stop talking.

Until next time,


“No civilized society can thrive upon victims, whose humanity has been permanently mutilated.” – Rabindranath Tagore 


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