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The week that was…

Guru : Got to see Guru last week. It is a nice movie. I am not going to post a detailed review of it. Abhishek was amazing in it. Though I was really disappointed in the way the songs were picturized. I really really dislike it when directors cut ARR’s songs short and put them up in parts through out the movie. Probably it is some sort of movie-making strategy, but honestly, I don’t really care. The songs never really reach the masses like that. It’s only die-hard ARR fans who listen to all the songs…then maybe for people who just listen to new soundtracks. I wish they would stop doing that to his music.

2007 North American International Auto Show : Now we’re talking. This happened this past saturday. Was I thrilled or was I thrilled???! Bluntly put, I am not a car person. As in, I don’t really get the technical details of it. But I love looking at cars. They really do capture my attention. Space shuttles and Airplanes are extremely fascinating but are not exactly accessible, so what comes next?? CARS!!!

So I went with my sibs and a couple of friends. We entered and boy, some ambiance that was!
We started walking around, checking out cars by the brand and man, was it crazy!! I was enjoying every bit. Stopping around to take pictures and what not. There were people with their video cameras. Now that was something I didn’t expect. Anyway, initially I was not too impressed cos there was nothing that I liked at first. Though I must mention that the hottest topic was alternate fuel. What with hybrid cars, cars running on CNG and Hydrogen and what not! Pretty cool, I must admit.

Of all the cars we saw, apart from the obviously hot Ferraris, BMWs and Lamborghinis…the cars that caught my attention were the concept cars by some companies. The Prototypes.
Here are some images of the ones that really did catch my eye…

Kia Kue (I’m a lil biased when it comes to Kia ;))

Mazda Ryuga

Acura Advanced Sports Car

Well, as you can tell from the few pictures, the whole experience was thrilling. I had lots of fun. But by the time we were actually done looking at most cars, I was really really tired. A li’l tip for all the ladies out there who may take such trips in the future : When you know beforehand that there’ll be a lot of walking to do…Do not wear heels!!! Believe me, it will be extremely painful.

Even after spending so many hours there, I realised when I got home that I didn’t get to see the Dodge Viper…bummer, eh? But ah well, there’s always next time. And I know when next time comes, I will be much better prepared.

Technology… is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other. ~C.P. Snow, New York Times, 15 March 1971


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